MSTC- The Power of Performance Assessment

MSTC 2020- Workshop 2

In the morning, this workshop will provide the attributes of high quality performance assessments, with general guidelines for development, and a hands-on experience scoring student work using a collaborative scoring system to demonstrate how a community of practice focused on assessment enhances teaching and learning and permits teachers to talk about assessment information they value (from assessments designed to assess DOK levels 3 and 4) in an educator evaluation plan. In the afternoon, the workshop will engage participants with examples of high-quality performance assessments in the arts, science, social studies, mathematics and ELA. Participants will obtain an insider’s view for how to create, score, and use the results of these high quality, discipline-specific examples. Participants will select two disciplines to experience more directly in the afternoon.

Presenter: Kathy Dewsbury-White

Presenter: Heather Vaughan-Southard

Presenter: Ed Roeber

Presenter: Jeff Cuff

Presenter: Mary Starr

Presenter: Anne Marie Nicoll-Turner

Presenter: Dave Johnson

Presenter: TJ Smolek

Presenter: Julie Murphy

Presenter: Susan Palmiter

Presenter: Nikki Mosser

Presenter: Stan Masters

Presenter: Kyle Ward

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