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Assessment literacy is essential for those making important decisions about students, educators, and educational systems based on student data. Yet, evidence shows that too few educators understand the fundamental concepts and procedures of educational testing. Even fewer policy-makers, students, and families understand the important role of assessment in helping all students achieve at high levels.

We actively engage state and national leaders in exploring what it means to be assessment literate. And, we continuously develop resources to support assessment knowledge, dispositions, and performance among each education stakeholder group.


Current Research and Development Topics

Assessment Learning Network (ALN)

Our successful Assessment Learning Network (ALN), supported in part by the Michigan Department of Education, will continue to expand to increase the assessment literacy of representatives of Michigan professional organizations.

Highlights for 2019-20 will include:

  • professional learning sessions on effective grading practices, assessing deeper learning, and assessing social-emotional learning
  • a facilitated discussion on balancing Michigan’s assessment system through performance assessment
  • new video and print resources

Michigan Learns Assessment System

We are developing learning opportunities for educators through a three-tiered series based on our Assessment Literacy Standards.

  • We have nine Level I introductory Assessment Learning Modules available at Michigan Virtual. The newest module–Collaborative Inquiry–was launched in August 2019.
  • We are developing course content for Level II micro-credential courses, and conducting a pilot in which a cohort of learners are participating and providing feedback on the courses.
  • Level III advanced certification is targeted to Michigan educators with a goal to develop and certify assessment specialists for Michigan’s districts and schools.  Our developers are finalizing the program design and methods for demonstrating competency for Level III candidates.

Assessment Literacy Demonstration Project

We’re working with Northwest Educational Assessment (NWEA) to develop a systemic change model at three diverse sites within the state of Michigan including in-service and pre-service educators and the communities they serve.

The purpose is to improve critical aspects of each ecosystem. This project will create an assessment literate educational ecosystem that fosters a comprehensive understanding of assessment and its role in supporting student success. Partners include University of Michigan-Flint; Oakland University; Northern Michigan University; and K-12 districts or public school academies in Marquette, Hazel Park, and the Flint area.

To learn more about the MAC’s Research and Development work, please contact Ed Roeber at (517) 816-4520.

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