Assessment Learning Network

ALN Learning Points

Learning Points are brief documents describing a single topic related to educational assessment.

Each Learning Point is aligned to Michigan’s Assessment Literacy Standards.  Learning Points are created to support the Assessment Learning Network—a professional learning community of members from Michigan’s professional education organizations that aspires to increase the assessment literacy of Michigan’s professional educators.

Balanced Assessment Systems

What constitutes a high-quality, comprehensive, balanced assessment system?

This Learning Point provides an overview of the components of a balanced assessment system. 

What do we mean by interim/benchmark assessments?

Interim benchmark assessments are described in this Learning Point.

Interim Assessment: What are some key characteristics?

Learn about some key characteristics you should know when selecting interim assessments. Also see "Learning Resource: Purposes for and Essential Characteristics of Interim Assessment".

Learning Resource-Purposes for and essential characteristics of interim assessment

This Learning Resource is a companion chart to the Learning Point, "Interim Assessment: What are some key characteristics?"

What are summative assessments?

This Learning Point describes some key characteristics of summative assessment and describes its role within a balanced assessment system.

Performance Assessment – What is it and why is it useful?

Performance assessment is defined, and its use described, in this Learning Point.

Performance assessments in the visual arts classroom

This Learning Point describes how performance can be used in the arts.

What are diagnostic assessments?

Diagnostic tests are defined, and their use described, in this Learning Point. 

Start with purpose when choosing assessments

This Learning Point describes the basic steps in choosing an assessment for use in schools.