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Competency-Based Education Assessment

Competency-based education (C-BE) is a form of personalized learning that supports all students in achieving deep understanding and application of high academic and personal success goals. When implemented well and supported by high-quality assessment practices, C-BE helps create equitable learning opportunities for students.

That’s why we’re working with partners to promote high-quality assessment practices and tools that support schools and districts seeking to implement a comptency-based education model.

Current Research and Development

Competencies and Assessment Structures and Supports for Competency-Based Education (CASS for C-BE)

In collaboration with the Office of Educational Supports (OES) and Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability (OEAA) of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), the MAC is working on this project to:

  • Extend the development of performance assessments based on the Michigan Model Competencies for K-12 ELA and Mathematics,
  • work with a cadre of skilled assessment developers, and
  • create a platform to support the use of the assessments and the people who use them. 

We also are working to provide services and resources designed to effect assessment practices, systems, structures, guidance and professional learning necessary for districts seeking to use a C-BE framework to equip students to succeed in college, career, and community/civic life.

A cohort of Michigan Performance Assessment Cadre of Experts (Mi-PAC) has been formed to develop and implement performance assessments in their districts/schools. These experienced Michigan teachers have volunteered to work with the MAC and the OEAA to develop performance assessments that are aligned to Michigan’s academic content standards and Model Competencies in mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) in grades 3-8.

To learn more about the MAC’s Research and Development, contact Ed Roeber at (517) 816-4520.

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