Professional Communities

MAC’s professional communities welcome targeted groups of educators and advocates to learn and work together to expand assessment literacy throughout Michigan.

Offering regular opportunities for engagement, MAC’s professional communities help reduce professional isolation, foster greater collaboration, and spread assessment expertise and insights throughout the state. We invite you to join a community that’s right for you!


Assessment Learning Network

The Assessment Learning Network (ALN) is a professional learning community of members from Michigan’s professional education organizations. The goal of the ALN is to increase the assessment literacy of all of Michigan’s professional educators. Through engagement and shared perspectives, this learning community invests in Michigan’s children and educators by using assessment to culti­vate capable learners.

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Michigan Collaborative Scoring System (MI-CSS)

Our new online platform—Michigan Collaborative Scoring System (MI–CSS), powered by OSCAR Classroom, enables arts teachers to collaboratively score student responses to performance assessments with reliability achieved through peer review. Teachers can submit student responses in a variety of formats such as written work, video clips, and/or audio clips. They can view, score, and comment on their own student work and that of colleagues in their discipline elsewhere in Michigan.

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Michigan Assessment Learning Facilitators Association (MALFA)

The Michigan Assessment Literacy Facilitators Association (MALFA) is a network of intermediate and local district educators who actively facilitate the assessment learning of students, parents, educators, and policymakers. The group’s goal is to support one another’s work by sharing assessment literacy resources and strategies, and, as needed, create new resources for member use.

The MAC can provide advice and support to other agencies to create a comparable assessment literacy facilitator network in order to capitalize on those who are already working to help others to become assessment literate.

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