Assessment Literacy Standards

A National Imperative

In this era where important decisions are made about students, educators, and educational systems based on data collected from student assessments, assessment literacy is essential.

Understanding the appropriate roles that student assessment can play to determine levels of student achievement and educational accomplishment, as well as to guide improved learning, is critical.


To increase assessment “literacy,” the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) spearheaded the development of Assessment Literacy Standards by Michigan educators and national experts.  The standards, endorsed by the Michigan State Board of Education in 2016, provide a common framework to assist K-12 educators, students, families, and policymakers in becoming more knowledgeable about assessment purposes and uses. The standards are intended for long-term use in the field of education, to continually support assessment literate educators.

We’ve created crosswalks that demonstrate how the Assessment Literacy Standards support and connect to the Michigan Frameworks.

The Assessment Literacy Standards serve to enhance and enrich Michigan schools’ and districts’ efforts to implement the improvement Frameworks. They work in conjunction with school improvement systems to impact curricula, instruction, and assessment, furthering student learning and achievement.

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