Teacher Leader Assessment Specialist (TLAS)

The TLAS program of study is the nation’s first program leading to credentialed teacher leaders prepared to serve as classroom assessment specialists (CAS)

Earn an enhanced teaching certificate and become a classroom assessment specialist!

About the TLAS enhancement

In May 2023, the Michigan Assessment Consortium was approved by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to offer a Teacher Leader Assessment Specialist (TLAS) program of study that would result in enhancement for Michigan Teaching Certificates. The TLAS program will lead to credentialed teacher leaders prepared to serve and be recognized as classroom assessment specialists (CAS) in their schools, districts, and state.

Successful program completers will earn a “Teacher Leader Assessment Specialist” enhancement to their Michigan teaching certificate and will attain an Advanced Teacher Leader License. Completing the TLAS program of study meets the full credit requirement to renew and upgrade a teaching license at the highest level of professional license the state of Michigan offers for teaching.

About the TLAS program

The TLAS program is a competency-based program of study focused on the advancement of assessment literacy.​ It is intended to strengthen the knowledge and skills of candidates as they move toward demonstration of seven classroom assessment specialist (CAS) competencies.  When fully implemented by teachers, the seven CAS competences ensure that classrooms have a comprehensive assessment system that supports quality teaching and learning. The program is supported by MDE’s Teacher Leader Preparation Standards, which act as a framework in which TLAS candidates will explore and apply their learning.

Are you ready to participate?

MAC is currently accepting nominations to fill a first cohort of six candidates who will pilot the program at minimal cost, with most tuition underwritten for completers—a $12,000 value. Pilot is co-sponsored by MAC and MDE-OEAA; candidates will be selected by November 15, 2023, and will begin Winter 2024.

Express interest in TLAS by 9.15.23 (for yourself or a colleague)

Why earn Teacher Leader Assessment Specialist credentials?

Gina Gardner, Higher Education Consultant for MDE’s Educator Preparation Unit within the Office of Educator Excellence, recently shared why she is excited about a program to prepare teacher leaders to serve as Classroom Assessment Specialists. Click the text below to listen in!

To learn more about the Teacher Leader Assessment Specialist program of study, contact Ellen Vorenkamp at the Michigan Assessment Consortium.

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