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Early Childhood and Literacy Assessment

Michigan’s youngest learners are assessed for a variety of purposes and in multiple settings. Public policy initiatives and the continued push for federal and state accountability inspire the need for more and better information about assessment best practices and assessment systems used in early childhood (pre-school through third-grade).

That’s why we’re working with partners to understand best practice in assessment and develop models, resources, and tools educators need to ensure the use of valid and appropriate assessment practices with pre-K through grade three students and beyond.

Current Research and Development

Early Literacy Assessment System (ELAS) Project 

Commissioned by Michigan Department of Education, MAC worked with early literacy partners to finalize and disseminate a comprehensive literacy assessment systems guide and accompanying professional learning supports. The guide is designed to inform policy, provide guidance and resources, and form the basis of professional learning to promote high quality assessment practices and systems that support the development of literacy.
Partners in this work included:
~ Michigan Department of Education
~ MAISA Early Literacy Task Force
~ University of Michigan
~ Michigan State University
~ Learning Forward-MI

Early Literacy Assessment Systems that Support Learning: A Guide to District Assessment Systems that Support Learning was released in March 2020, and discussions about professional learning support are underway.

Piloted and facilitated use of the Guide is being explored with the HIL Project, the new Literacy Leaders Network, and various MDE initiatives.

Initial dissemination of the resource has been shared at the Michigan School Testing Conference, the Balanced Assessment System Collaborative at CCSSO, the MIASCD and Learning Forward Michigan Boards and the English Language Arts (ELA) ISD group convened by the MAEIA General Education Leadership Network (GELN).

To learn more about the MAC’s Research and Development, contact Ed Roeber at (517) 816-4520.

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