State and National Engagement

In the spirit of a networked improvement community (NIC), MAC works with organizations to address specific and persistent problems of practice and collaborates to design and test solutions. We know that education is its own ecosystem requiring the expertise and coherent effort of all of the entities in the system.

Kathy Dewsbury-White, CEO/President, MAC

Shaping Assessment Policy and Practice

The Michigan Assessment Consortium regularly engages in state and national conversations about assessment. Our members contribute broadly to collaborative efforts shaping research and dialogue about assessment literacy and best practice. In turn, the shared knowledge and context from these engagements contribute to the strategies and practices the MAC develops and employs.

Our Partners and Affiliates

Collaborations advance the MAC’s mission through research and development, professional learning, resources, publications, and services.

National Partners and Affiliates

AEP at Education Commission of the States is established through a cooperative agreement between the National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. Department of Education. More Info

CCSSO's Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers (FAST) State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards (SCASS) formed to establish formative assessment as a component of a balanced assessment system in U.S. schools. More Info

SEADAE State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education consist of those persons at state education agencies whose responsibility is education in the arts. More Info

Center for Assessment is an independent not for profit with experience used most frequently by SEAs and foundations who seek technical advice related to accountability and innovative assessment options. More Info


KnowledgeWorks helps policymakers and communities create a foundation for systemic change and focused on student-centered, CBE, and personalized learning environments More Info

Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation

Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation promotes and recognizes quality educator preparation that strengthens the education profession’s ability to serve all students, schools, and to do so equitably. More Info

State Partners and Affiliates

Edupaths a not-for-profit offering short, online, self-paced learning courses, organized into pathways More Info

MAISA’s GELN General Education Leadership Network, coordinates Michigan’s ISDs/RESAs to lead initiatives focused on teaching and learning. More Info

MACC is the state agency charged with developing arts and culture policy and grant-making. More Info

MDE is the state agency overseeing public school districts in the state. More Info

MEMSPA is the state association serving elementary and middle school principals with a network of supports and professional learning opportunities. More Info

MI ASCD is the state affiliate of global ASCD committed to excellence in teaching and learning. More Info

Michigan School Testing Conference and annual conference independently organized and co-sponsored with, University of MI College of Education, annually elevates important assessments issues to a conference stage for MI educators. More Info

MV is a not for profit providing access to learning resources for students and educators. More Info

The Michigan Education Association is a partner in supporting Assessment Learning Institute, FROM 2021 through the present.. More Info

Northern Michigan University School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service

NMU's School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service provides opportunities for students to become professional educators, leaders, and public servants who continuously strive to develop and maintain themselves as models of sound democratic citizenship, as knowledgeable and skillful practitioners, and as professionals who enhance their practice through reflection, inquiry, and scholarship. More Info

Western Michigan University-High Impact Leadership for School Renewal

In 2022, Western Michigan University and the High Impact Leadership for School Renewal team joined a school/community/university partnership in Grand Rapids funded by a $29.5M US Department of Education Promise Neighborhoods grant. The Grand Rapids Southeast Promise Neighborhood (GRSEPN) project is delivering a pipeline of initiatives designed to address critical areas of opportunity and to achieve key success indicators.

Michigan Association of Intermediate School Adminstrators

Michigan-Made Intermediate School Districts are adding value to students, schools, and communities by providing student-centered, data-driven, expanded educational opportunities. More Info