Assessment Learning Network


A Professional Learning Community

The Assessment Learning Network (ALN) is a professional learning community of members from Michigan’s professional education organizations. The goal of the ALN is to increase the assessment literacy of all of Michigan’s professional educators. Through engagement and shared perspectives, this learning community invests in Michigan’s children and educators by using assessment to culti­vate capable learners.

What does it mean to be an ALN Member?

The ASSESSMENT LEARNING NETWORK is a unique concept that:

  • Is supported by the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) and the Michigan Department of Education
  • Brings together the leadership from Michigan’s professional education associations
  • Offers regular engagements where diverse education leaders learn together about the power of assessment to support the development of our students, their educators and our state.

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Learning Points

Learning Points are accurate, concise briefs that address current assessment topics.

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Assessment Literacy Standards

The Assessment Literacy Standards are the foundation of all MAC professional learning opportunities. Download the standards publication or explore more about their purpose and use.

Assessment Literacy Standards