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The Assessment Learning Network (ALN) is a professional learning community open to educators and policymakers committed to improving student learning through effective use of high-quality, balanced assessment systems. The goal of the ALN is to increase assessment literacy among professional educators and of those who make policy decisions regarding K-12 education. Through engagement and shared perspectives, this learning community invests in Michigan’s children and educators by using assessment to culti­vate capable learners.



The schedule for 2022-23 is under development. Meanwhile, explore the resources shared this past year!

The theme for the 2021-22 Assessment Learning Network is leveraging assessment to achieve equitable access and outcomes for all students through an emphasis on assessment practices most relevant to students’ efforts to increase their own learning.

2021-22 featured five virtual events focusing on assessment that is the most relevant to students’ efforts to increase their own learning. Topics include:

The ASSESSMENT LEARNING NETWORK is a unique concept that:

  • Is supported by the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) and the Michigan Department of Education
  • Brings together the leadership from Michigan’s professional education associations
  • Offers regular engagements where diverse education leaders learn together about the power of assessment to support the development of our students, their educators and our state.

There are two ways to engage:

  • Participate in one or more ALN event to enrich your own assessment literacy.
  • Affiliate with us to promote assessment literacy among your colleagues, members, or constituents.

Learn More about what it means to AFFILIATE with ALN!  Review this Participant & Affiliate Information and the FAQ Document. 

Registration for the 2022-23 season will be announced late summer 2022. Sign up now to be among the first to know when registration opens!

Learning Points

Learning Points are accurate, concise briefs that address current assessment topics.

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Assessment Literacy Standards

The Assessment Literacy Standards are the foundation of all MAC professional learning opportunities. Download the standards publication or explore more about their purpose and use.

Assessment Literacy Standards