Collaborative Scoring

Michigan Collaborative Scoring System (MI-CSS)

Our new online platform—Michigan Collaborative Scoring System (MI–CSS), powered by OSCAR Classroom, enables arts teachers to collaboratively score student responses to performance assessments with reliability achieved through peer review.  Teachers can submit student responses in a variety of formats such as written work, video clips, and/or audio clips. They can view, score, and comment on their own student work and that of colleagues in their discipline elsewhere in Michigan. Use of MI-CSS software can greatly reduce the cost of obtaining objective scoring information from performance assessments.

In 2019-10, Collaborative Scoring Teams of arts educators are being formed to use the new software as part of the Michigan Arts Education Instruction and Assessment (MAEIA) Project, our arts education initiative with the Michigan Department of Education. The scoring system is also available for individual registration.

In the future, MI-CSS software could benefit all disciplines, including arts, sciences, social studies, mathematics, English language arts, health, and world languages.

MI-CSS and the MAEIA Project



To learn more about the Michigan Collaborative Scoring System, contact Ed Roeber at (517) 816-4520.

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