Learning Opportunities

MAC offers and supports a variety of professional learning opportunities

From face-to-face professional learning events to self-paced online modules, we offer and support many opportunities for educators to become “assessment literate” and improve their use of effective assessment practices.  To get started, take a look at the Assessment Learning Modules, browse our Assessment Learning Network events, explore the Common Assessment Development modules, or acquaint yourself with the Assessment Literacy Standards. You’ll be glad you did!

Assessment Learning Modules

These self-paced modules are based on the Assessment Literacy Standards for teachers, administrators, policymakers, and students and their families.

Each module provides an opportunity for engagement, reflection and access to tools and other resources that can continue to support educators’ professional learning.

Assessment Learning Modules

Common Assessment Development Modules

These self-paced modules will help you to learn how to create and use common assessments, step-by-step.

Each module in this series includes a PowerPoint presentation, script, user’s guide, and companion documents. You may use the materials in their original form, or adapt them for local use.

Common Assessment Modules

Assessment Learning Network

The Assessment Learning Network (ALN) is a professional learning community of members from Michigan’s professional education organizations. The goal of the ALN is to increase the assessment literacy of all of Michigan’s professional educators. Through engagement and shared perspectives, this learning community invests in Michigan’s children and educators by using assessment to culti­vate capable learners.

Learn more about the Assessment Learning Network and browse events.

ALN Network

Classroom Assessment


MAEIA provides professional learning to inspire and support arts educators. Join the MAEIA Community to learn, grow, connect, and contribute to an ongoing conversation about quality K-12 arts education.  View Annual Report.

Explore MAEIA resources, assessments, and events.


FAME is a professional learning initiative that promotes teacher collaboration and planning for effective formative assessment practice. It is sponsored by the Michigan Department of Education.

Become a FAME Coach

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Balanced assessment

Deepen your understanding on how to balance quality classroom summative assessments with the use of the formative assessment process by enrolling in the Achieving Balance in Classroom Assessment (ABCA) program. With options for educator teams from both local and intermediate school districts, ABCA is offered in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).

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