Research & Development

Action Research

Guided by the needs of education practitioners, the MAC engages in study and action research to add to collective knowledge about effective assessment practice. We collaborate with others to develop new resources and tools that support assessment literacy and the use of high quality balanced assessment systems.

MAC is Currently Pursuing:

  • Developing resources or tools
  • Adding to the field of knowledge on assessment topics
  • Developing services and opportunities to improve educator practice & systems

MAC's Current Research Topics

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Assessment Literacy Learning

The MAC engages with state and national leaders about what it means to be assessment literate in today’s education climate. We are actively developing resources to support the knowledge, dispositions, and skills of each education stakeholder group.

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Competency-based Education Assessment

When implemented well and supported by high-quality assessment practices, C-BE helps create equitable learning opportunities for students. That's why MAC is working with partners to promote high-quality assessment practices and tools that support schools and districts seeking to implement a comptency-based education model.

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Designing Balanced Assessment Systems

Assessment tools and products abound, but district leaders need support in how to build a coherent and comprehensive system that can lead to improved student learning. The MAC’s research is helping to inform this important area of school leadership.

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Early Childhood and Literacy Assessment

The MAC is working with partners to understand best practice and to articulate how a coherent system of assessment, aligned to curriculum and instruction, can support development of literacy.

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Educator Evaluation

Today’s requirements around educator evaluation demand new learning and improved strategies. The MAC is actively engaged in supporting districts in measuring and documenting student performance and in demonstrating effective educator practice.

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Formative Assessment Process

Experts agree that the effective use of formative assessment processes in every classroom could be the key to unlocking the potential of each student. The MAC’s research and development team has invested decades of examination, resource development and field testing to equip educators in this area

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Performance Assessment

Some learning is best assessed by observing and documenting the performance of students within the learning context. We are committed to researching best practice and developing new strategies and tools to support educators in the use of these practices.

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