Achieving Balance in Classroom Assessment—ISD/ESA cohort

A two-year faciliatated professional learning and implementation journey for ISD/ESA personnel

Learn to facilitate classroom-level, assessment-literate practice to improve student learning & achievement!

Districts that implement—with fidelity—quality balanced assessment systems in every classroom show improved student learning and increased student achievement.

Join us for a two-year facilitated professional learning and implementation journey toward Achieving Balance in Classroom Assessment (ABCA). Claim your place among a select number of ISD consultants to participate in this unique opportunity to learn how balanced assessment—assessment for and of learning—can:

  • substantially improve student instruction and learning
  • close gaps in student performance, and
  • increase equity in student learning and achievement.

Through the ABCA program, the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) will support ISD consultants with structured programming, facilitation consultation, and high-quality resources to help them achieve increased knowledge concerning student achievement through improved assessment practices in every classroom.

This MAC-provided learning opportunity will engage ISD consultants in strengthening their understanding of classroom assessment using both the formative assessment process (assessment for learning) and summative assessments (assessments of learning), engage them in opportunities to facilitate their new understandings while brainstorming how to integrate the new knowledge and understandings with their current ISD responsibilities and expertise.

Participant outcomes

ISD/ESA consultants will deepen their understanding and knowledge of:

  • a balanced assessment system implemented within a classroom setting;
  • assessment literacy and what educators should know, do, and believe as they work to improve the balance of assessment at the classroom level;
  • assessment for learning (the formative assessment process) and assessment of learning (summative assessments) and how they work together to enhance student learning and increase student achievement;
  • formative assessment as a process to plan, deliver, and reflect on instruction;
  • the proper use of interim/benchmark assessments to monitor and/or verify student learning;
  • the role of assessment in the continuous improvement process and how to implement a balanced assessment system using the MICIP framework;
  • the integration of assessment practices and strategies mentioned above into current ISD related responsibilities;
  • facilitation skills to deliver meaningful learning opportunities for constituent districts beginning in Year 2; and
  • other participants and their efforts as we share successes and challenges during our “Collaborative Huddles.”

Collaborative Huddles

In addition to the dates listed at right, we will offer three Collaborative Huddles, which offer participants opportunities to network with colleagues statewide, explore resources, problem solve, and share insights.

Collaborative Huddles (9-10:30 am):
November 20, February 26, and May 21


For year one:

  • $2,000 (teams up to 5)
  • $3,500 (teams 6 to 10)

Year two costs will vary, depending on the program option chosen by the team. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Application deadline: September 6, 2024.

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