Using the formative assessment process to enhance student learning in an online environment: Getting started

Learn how to engage students and enhance their learning in an online environment through effective use of the formative assessment process!

Michigan educators and students are challenged to continue teaching and learning in new ways.  This live webinar with experienced K-12 online teachers will help Michigan educators navigate teaching and learning online and adapt formative processes and practices to the online environment. Presenters will share practical advice based on their experiences as Coaches in the Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME) professional learning program. They will share the instructional processes and technology tools that collect evidence of student understanding and explain how the evidence can be used to adjust learning and teaching tactics. Participants will learn the importance of choosing learning targets and how to adapt the tools in the formative assessment process to fit their students’ current needs.

Learning Outcomes include:

Outcome 1: Identify the mindset needed to engage students using the formative assessment process in an online environment (Hint: some courage, ability to “try”)

Outcome 2: Provide a tool for planning instruction, emphasizing learning targets and feedback gathering that focuses on evidence of student understanding

Outcome 3: Suggest a set of technology tools aligned to FAME components and elements

Outcome 4: Promote a shared understanding about formative assessment practices and processes

The webinar is the first in a series of events designed to support Michigan educators with the assessment challenges presented by online and remote learning. It is offered at no cost to educators by the Michigan Assessment Consortium and the Michigan Department of Education, as part of their collaborative Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME) program.

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The first 250 participants to register will be able to participate in the live event. All registrants will have access to a webinar recording following the event and will receive event reminders and notices of future webinars and available resources.

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Presentation Video

Formative Assessment Webinar Series - April 23, 2020

Presenter: Jay Schreur

Jonathan Schreur has been an educator for 7 years, spending his first year teaching abroad in a public brick and mortar school in Korea. For the past five years, he has been teaching at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy as a world history, economics, and contemporary world issues teacher. Jonathan has been a member of FAME (Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators) for almost four years, this being his first as a Coach. During previous summers, he has enjoyed leading and facilitating cross-cultural travel experiences for high school students.

Presenter: Lindsey Howe

Lindsey Howe has been an educator for 14 years. She spent her first eight years teaching in two different brick and mortar schools. For the past six years, she has taught at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, where she started as an English 9 and SAT prep teacher, moved into career development, and then began her current role as the high school literacy coach. Lindsey has been a FAME member for almost four years; this is her first year as a Coach. Lindsey has worked for many years to advocate for virtual teaching and to bridge the "gap" between virtual and brick and mortar.

Presenter: Ellen Vorenkamp

Ellen Vorenkamp contributes to the MAC professional Learning Committee and has served the FAME program since 2008 as a Learning Team member, Coach, and Lead. She currently serves as an Assessment Consultant at Wayne RESA, where she provides consulting and presentation services to Wayne County schools and districts on various assessment topics. She is the owner of MKJ Educational Consulting, LLC, which provides professional learning opportunities and consulting services to schools and districts outside Wayne County. 

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