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Interview Question 7 – Jill Willis- April 12, 2019

What implications can you see when Assessment for Learning is considered in the light of accessibility principles?

Interview Question 7 – Margaret Heritage and Tanya Wright- May 21, 2019

In what ways could a principal best support teachers who are beginning to learn about and use the formative assessment process?

Interview Question 7–James Pellegrino (10/10/17)

James Pellegrino advocates actions to be taken by educators to incorporate the Next Generations Science Standards.

Interview Question 7–James Pellegrino (12/16/16)

There are so many people involved in assessment, it is difficult to develop an effective approach. James Pellegrino supports an emphasis on assessment literacy to create a common understanding.

Interview Question 7–Jim Gullen (3/2/18)

Jim Gullen provides a resource which administrators may use  to guide in the selection of a growth model.

Interview Question 7–Margaret Heritage (2/13/17)

What does formative assessment look like? Margaret Heritage provides examples of observed formative assessment practices in the classroom.

Interview Question 7–Marianne Perie (12/15/17)

Due to the different uses of interim assessments, Marianne Perie believes educators should be included in the selection process.

Interview Question 7–Susan Brookhart (5/9/17)

Feedback is an important part of formative assessment. Susan Brookhart provides strategies on how to use it in the classroom.

Interview Question 8 – James Popham- November 1, 2018

Describe why you believe that improved assessment literacy—among all education stakeholders—might be the most cost-effective way to improve our schools.

Interview Question 8 – Jill Willis- April 12, 2019

What role does time management play in allowing teachers to effectively engage in Assessment for Learning?

Interview Question 8–James Pellegrino (10/10/17)

Some educators are concerned about the emphasis on reading comprehension in other content areas. James Pellegrino suggests this is an opportunity as reading comprehension needs to be embedded and supported in other content areas.

Interview Question 8–James Pellegrino (12/16/16)

James Pellegrino offers words of encouragement to Michigan educators.