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Bibliography of Assessment Literacy Resources 2016

This article provides Susan Brookhart's recommended list of assessment literacy resources.

Can Balanced, Quality Assessment Practices Positively Impact School Culture?

This blog post authored by Carol Commodore for Corwin outlines how  strong school culture is supported by a balanced, quality assessment system.

Constructing Assessment Tasks that Blend Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science Practices for Classrooms

This article describes how assessment systems can use a combination of science outcomes in a variety of approaches to science assessment.

Criteria Assessment Checklist

Useful checklist identifies criteria that should be considered when developing or selecting assessments for the district system

Criteria for High-Quality Assessment

This paper describes the criteria for judging the qualities of student assessment.

Criterion- and norm-referenced score reporting: What is the difference?

This Learning Point describes two ways in which scores from educational tests can be reported: criterion-referenced (compares a student's raw score to a predetermined standard) or norm-referenced (compares a student's scores to those of other test-takers).

DCI Arrangements of the Next Generation Science Standards

This resource provides a table of the K-12 NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards

This article describes how the NGSS can be used to create a more innovative science assessment system.

Formative Assessment: An Enabler of Learning

This short article by Margaret Heritage summarizes what we know about the potential of formative assessment practice to support and advance learning.

Formative Assessment and Next-Generation Assessment Systems: Are We Losing an Opportunity?

This paper lays out a vision for formative assessment with the hope that the two assessment consortia - PARCC and SBAC - would include formative assessment in their then-emerging assessment systems.

Formative Assessment Evidence Gathering Tools

List of 48 tools/tactics  that can be utilized to gather evidence of student thinking, a key part of the formative assessment process.

Fundamental Assessment Principles for Teachers and School Administrators

This article presents basic assessment learning principles for teachers and administrators.