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Interview Question 8 – James Popham- November 1, 2018

Describe why you believe that improved assessment literacy—among all education stakeholders—might be the most cost-effective way to improve our schools.

Interview Question 8–James Pellegrino (10/10/17)

Some educators are concerned about the emphasis on reading comprehension in other content areas. James Pellegrino suggests this is an opportunity as reading comprehension needs to be embedded and supported in other content areas.

Interview Question 8–James Pellegrino (12/16/16)

James Pellegrino offers words of encouragement to Michigan educators.

Interview Question 8–Margaret Heritage (2/13/17)

The effective use of formative assessment needs the support of a receptive classroom environment. Margaret Heritage points out some of the learning conditions needed for this change.

Interview Question 8–Marianne Perie (12/15/17)

Marianne Perie provides support for the integration of assessing and learning. 

Interview Question 8–Susan Brookhart (5/9/17)

Susan Brookhart talks about how a clearer understanding and application of assessment for learning can be viewed positively.

Interview Question 9 – James Popham- November 1, 2018

As a practical matter, how can we successfully improve the assessment literacy of administrators, teachers, educational policymakers, students and their families, and members of the general public?

Leading by Learning-Brookhart & Moss 2013

This article describes how school leaders can become more effective by learning about formative assessment.

Learning Point – Assessment Literacy

The basics of assessment literacy are described in this Learning Point.

Learning Point – Balanced Assessment System

This Learning Point provides an overview of the components of a balanced assessment system. 

Learning Point – Choosing Assessments

This Learning Point describes the basic steps in choosing an assessment for use in schools. 

Learning Point – Collaboration

This Learning Point describes how the Assessment Learning Network can promote collaboration on assessment learning.