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21st Century Science Assessment: The Future Is Now

This article outlines how to achieve a balanced assessment system, and the components in such systems.

2018-19 Assessment Learning Network Schedule

Schedule and registration link for 2018-19 Assessment Learning Network events

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Thinking About Literacy, Learning Progressions and Instruction

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Thinking About Literacy, Learning Progressions and Instruction

An Approach for Evaluating the Technical Quality of Interim Assessments – Peabody Journal of Education, Vol 85 Issue 2

This article describes how to evaluate the quality and utility of interim benchmark assessments.

An Assessment to Every Purpose, Under Heaven – Marianne Perie

Assessment Learning Network, 2017-18 – Event 2, Event Page

An introduction to different kinds of data

This article is a summary of an ASCD book on the different types of data collected and used or different purposes.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Growth Models

This guide commissioned by CCSSO provides a description of growth models currently used in education. The paper was authored by Andrew Ho and Katherine Castellano.

A Primer on Student Growth Percentiles

This paper provides an accessible review of student growth percentiles used in growth models.

A Public Policy Statement

This paper is a report from the Gordon Commission on proposed changes to the purposes and methods of assessment.

Assessment Advances Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 Strategic Goals

The Top 10 in 10 goals for Michigan education are laid out in this table,

Assessment as a positive influence on 21st century teaching and learning

This article describes the characteristics of high quality assessment at the classroom, school, and state levels.

Assessment Blueprint Example & Template

This tool demonstrates a draft plan (blueprint), including: purpose, item rigor, item type, and item alignment to standards.