Resource Bank


What’s in a name? How the ALN uses key assessment terms

This Learning Point describes several key assessment technical terms in non-technical language.

What’s Worth Fighting for Against in Grading?

This source is a suggested resource to supplement the November 22nd, 2019 ALN event.

What a Difference a Word Makes: Assessment FOR learning rather than assessment OF learning helps students succeed (Winter 2006)

This article contrasts assessment for learning with assessment of learning, pointing out the different impacts each has on student learning.

What Administrators Really Need to Know About Assessment?

This brief highlights the importance of administrators' assessment literacy so that the potential to use assessment to support and advance student learning and achievement is realized.

What are adjustments to learning?

This Learn Point outlines the process a teacher uses in which students receive feedback that they can use to make adjustments in their learning tactics and set goals to improve their current and future work.

What are adjustments to teaching?

This Learning point describes the ongoing changes that teachers make to adjust teaching and learning and based on evidence in order to improve students'achievement of intended learning outcomes.

What are diagnostic assessments?

Diagnostic tests are defined, and their use described, in this Learning Point. 

What are learning progressions?

This Learning Point describes what a learning progression is and why it is integral to formative assessment.

What are learning targets?

This Learning Points provides a summary of how learning targets can be used to enhance instruction and student learning

What are Next Generation Science Standards?

The Next Generation Science Standards are described in this Learning Point.

What are summative assessments?

This Learning Point describes some key characteristics of summative assessment and describes its role within a balanced assessment system.

What are teacher questioning strategies?

This Learning Point explains questioning strategies as a powerful tool for teachers and students to collect and use information about student understanding in order to move learning forward.