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ALN Presentation: Re-framing Rigor 1.17.23

In this webinar, three leaders from the New Paradigm for Education school in Detroit described how they have re-defined "rigor" and explored how deep learning and assessment are being actualized in an urban setting to realize achievement of high expectations with all students. Use the chapter quick-links in the video counter to navigate to specific sections of the day's events. Related resources can be found on the ALN event page at

ALN Presentation: Susan Brookhart April 21, 2021

This ALN presentation by Susan Brookhart addresses the topic Formative Assessment Strategies that Improve Distance Learning Outcomes for Students with Disabilities-4-21-2021. The video also includes lengthy practitioner recordings describing real-classroom examples of each strategy discussed by Brookhart.

Alternative models for educator evaluation. MAC 2018

This ThinkPoint describes two methods for educator evaluation.

An Approach for Evaluating the Technical Quality of Interim Assessments – Peabody Journal of Education, Vol 85 Issue 2

This article describes how to evaluate the quality and utility of interim benchmark assessments.

An Assessment to Every Purpose, Under Heaven – Marianne Perie

Assessment Learning Network, 2017-18 – Event 2, Event Page

A New Era for Educational Assessment

Paper by David T. Conley (2014) written for Students at the Center, a project outlining the practices necessary to advance 21st century learners. (SATC)

A New Look at Public Assurance: Imagining the Possibilities for Alberta Students

This policy paper recommends the use of assessment information for accountability purposes that include both large scale summative and classroom level formative assessment.

A New Reality: Getting Remote Learning Right

An Educational Leadership Special Report | Volume 77. Published April 2020 to support schools during building shut-downs necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

An introduction to different kinds of data

This article is a summary of an ASCD book on the different types of data collected and used or different purposes.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Growth Models

This guide commissioned by CCSSO provides a description of growth models currently used in education. The paper was authored by Andrew Ho and Katherine Castellano.

A Practitioner’s Introduction to Equating: CCSSO, 2018  

This primer explains what equating is, common misconceptions, basic terms, designs for equating, the mechanics of equating, and the inferences that can be drawn as a result of equating tests.     (Copyright © 2007–2009 by the Council of Chief State School Officers. © 2018 by the Council of Chief State School Officers, A Practitioner’s Introduction to Equating, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

A Primer on Student Growth Percentiles

This paper provides an accessible review of student growth percentiles used in growth models.