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A District Persepctive on the Value of Prioritizing Standards to Promote Learning 2020-21

The recorded interview and Summary Handout features Donna Jakubik, prinicipal Maples Elementary School. This principal explains why and how her staff engaged in prioritizing standards to help focus and align assessment practice as they prepared for Fall 2020.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Thinking About Literacy, Learning Progressions and Instruction

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Thinking About Literacy, Learning Progressions and Instruction

ALN-Presentation: Four Assessment Capabilities

In this video, ALN presenters Jill Willis, Chris De Luca, Bronwen Cowie, and Christine Harrison describe their research across four countries and what they learned about the Four Assessment Capabilities needed by new and experienced teachers. January 18, 2022 Additional resources for this session may be found at

ALN-Presentation: Leveraging the Power of Formative Feedback

In this video, a team of researchers and practitioners from Corunna (MI) Public Schools explore the use of self- and peer assessment to promote meaningful student engagement. April 8, 2022. Additional resources for this session may be found at

ALN-Session Chat: Leveraging the Power of Formative Assessment

In this 30-minute video, MAC/FAME researchers John Lane, Tara Kintz, and Ellen Vorenkamp discuss core ideas from their April 8, 2022 Assessment Learning Session on Leveraging the Power of Formative Assessment. They are joined by Corunna Public School teachers Kristy Walters, Kelly Rowe, and Robyn Lentz, who describe how they are putting these principles to work in their classrooms. 4.8.22

ALN Presentation: Choreographing Connections with SEL 11-9-2021

In this video, ALN presenters Ed Roeber and Heather Vaughan-Southard, describe how the arts reinforce the importance of the Whole Child approach to education and provide immediate, important, and authentic connections and illustrations for teaching and assessing in ways that explicitly address the five core competencies of SEL. (Nafeesah Symonette provided content for this presentation but was not able to attend.)  November 9, 2021 Additional resources for this session may be found at

ALN Presentation: Jay McTighe 10-7-2021

In this video, ALN presenter Jay McTighe offers activities and presentation material to introduce assessment practices that are useful for promoting deeper learning. October 7, 2021

ALN Presentation: Susan Brookhart April 21, 2021

This ALN presentation by Susan Brookhart addresses the topic Formative Assessment Strategies that Improve Distance Learning Outcomes for Students with Disabilities-4-21-2021. The video also includes lengthy practitioner recordings describing real-classroom examples of each strategy discussed by Brookhart.

Alternative models for educator evaluation. MAC 2018

This ThinkPoint describes two methods for educator evaluation.

An Approach for Evaluating the Technical Quality of Interim Assessments – Peabody Journal of Education, Vol 85 Issue 2

This article describes how to evaluate the quality and utility of interim benchmark assessments.

An Assessment to Every Purpose, Under Heaven – Marianne Perie

Assessment Learning Network, 2017-18 – Event 2, Event Page

A New Era for Educational Assessment

Paper by David T. Conley (2014) written for Students at the Center, a project outlining the practices necessary to advance 21st century learners. (SATC)