Resource Bank


Assessment Purposes

This is a document describing the different purposes of assessment developed by Ed Roeber.

Assessment Training Institute Website

This resources provides a link to the Assessment Training Institute and the myriad of resources that can be obtained there. 

Assessment Users and Uses

This document developed by Ed Roeber explains the different users and uses for assessment.

Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment (AAIA) 

The Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment (AAIA) promotes assessment practice that supports learning. The resources on this site are organized by Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning.

A Summary of Assessment Users

This chart details why different users require distinct assessments at varying times.

Balanced Assessment Systems: Redefining Excellence In Assessment

Article identifies role of schools and potential of assessment practice and system to contribute productively to education

Beliefs and Guidelines Self-Assessment Worksheet

This tool provides a quick start for a building or district team to consider their shared beliefs and understandings about assessment data and how it should and should not be used.

Bibliography of Assessment Literacy Resources 2016

This article provides Susan Brookhart's recommended list of assessment literacy resources.

Can Balanced, Quality Assessment Practices Positively Impact School Culture?

This blog post authored by Carol Commodore for Corwin outlines how  strong school culture is supported by a balanced, quality assessment system.

CCSSO: Tools and Resources for Standards Implementation  

Since development of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), many resources have been developed by CCSSO and others to develop quality assessments that align to the CCSS.

CCSSO Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High-Quality Assessments

This paper describes the procedures for purchasing high quality student assessments.

Changing Classroom Practice

This article promotes the use of teacher learning communities to promote the use for formative assessment.