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What is formative feedback? Why is feedback from the teacher important?

This Learning Point indicates formative feedback is a high impact strategy on student learning and achievement and an essential component in the formative assessment process.

What is gathering evidence of student understanding?

This Learning Point outlines how to elicit evidence of student understanding of expressed learning targets using three instructional routines during delivery of lessons and the students role in the process.

What is learner agency?

This Learning Point defines the term learner agency and explains how it is achieved through practices used with students in Assessment For Learning practices.

What is skillful use of questions?

This Learning Point examines the skillful use of questions as a means to elicit evidence of student understanding in the formative assessment process.

What is social and emotional learning (SEL)?

This Learning Point defines SEL as an interrelated set of cognitive, affective and behaviorial competencies and explains the importance of attending to skills necessary to develop and maintain social and emotional skills to learning environments.

What is student self-assessment?

This Learning Point identifies five things teachers have to teach students for them to effectively engage in self-assessment.

What is summative assessment and how can it be used in the classroom?

Classroom-level summative assessments primarily serve the purposes of teachers, students, and families. This Learning Point describes various types of classroom assessment and the decisions they inform.

What Michigan’s Student Test of Educational Progress is Designed to Accomplish

A brief overview of Michigan's M-STEP statewide assessment program is provided.

Where does SEL assessment fit in the building and district assessment system?

This Learning Point suggests that implementation science, and continuous improvement are important to realize an SEL vision for a district. The LP also points out cautions for how SEL assessment information should and should not be used.

Why, What and How – to Prioritize and Deconstruct Standards & Align Assessment

This presentation with Facilitation Guide features Ellen Vorenkamp, assessment consultant, who recognizes the power and purpose of priority standards. Overviews identification and deconstruction techniques. And previews aligning assessment methods to standards.