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What conditions are necessary for successful implementation of formative assessment?

This Learning Point sumaraizes the conditions necessary for effective use of formative assessment practices in a classroom, as originally described in a white paper by Margaret Heritage, Nancy Gerzon, and Marie Mancuso

What constitutes a high-quality, comprehensive, balanced assessment system?

This Learning Point provides an overview of the components of a balanced assessment system. 

What does it mean to use matrix sampling in student assessment? MAC, 2018

This ThinkPoint describes what matrix sampling is, when it might be used, and some of the benefits and challenges of using it when assessing all students in a group may not be necessary.

What do we mean by “equitable grading”?

This Learning Point raises awareness of how our common, century-old grading practices perpetuate achievement disparities, and describes the ways teachers and schools might move to more equitable grading practices.

What do we mean by assessment literacy?

The basics of assessment literacy are described in this Learning Point.

What do we mean by formative assessment?

Formative assessment, as defined in the Michigan FAME program, is described in this Learning Point.

What do we mean by interim/benchmark assessments?

Interim benchmark assessments are described in this Learning Point.

What fundamental understandings are necessary for assessment literacy?

The Learning Point briefly describes the six basic assessment understandings needed by educators.

What impact will Next Generation Science Standards have on assessment?

The impact of the Next Generation Science Standards on science assessment is described in this Learning Point.

What is collaborative scoring? Why can it be so valuable?

This Learning Point outlines how collaborative scoring is a means to assuring that student work is judged reliably and the training and act can be valuable professional learning and support more use of performance assessment.

What is feedback from peers?

This Learning Point indicates peers can provide & receive effective formative feedback to move their learning forward.

What is formative feedback? Why is feedback from the teacher important?

This Learning Point indicates formative feedback is a high impact strategy on student learning and achievement and an essential component in the formative assessment process.