Helping Michigan to Become the State of Assessment Literacy – Susan Brookhart

Assessment Learning Network, May 9, 2017

In this session, Susan Brookhart will tie together the previous ALN presentations on balanced assessment systems (by Jim Pellegrino) and formative assessment (by Margaret Heritage) and add insights to help the Assessment Learning Network take action, based on these understandings, to build assessment literacy in Michigan. Specifically, she will prioritize key learning needs for different role groups (e.g., students and their families, teachers, building and central office administrators, and local and state policymakers) and identify key assessment learning resources that already exist. The presentation will close by recommending some actions ALN members might consider, to take advantage of resources that currently exist and to build local resources to fill gaps.

Framing Questions

  1. Why is assessment important and worth all the attention we’re giving it?
  2. What are the components of a balanced assessment system?
  3. What one or two critical understandings or behaviors for each role group would begin to improve assessment practices in the interest of better serving students?
  4. What are some small steps that you and your organization can take now to improve assessment literacy in Michigan?
  5. What successful implementation strategy have you experienced or observed in use by any role group or system-wide?
Event Resources

Presentation Video

Helping Michigan to Become the State of Assessment Literacy

Presenter: Susan Brookhart

Susan Brookhart, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita in the School of Education at Duquesne University and an independent educational consultant and author based in Helena, Montana. She is author or co-author of 17 books and over 70 articles and book chapters on classroom assessment, teacher professional development, and evaluation.

Learning Moments

LM-Susan Brookhart: How is assessment important in the learning process?
LM-Susan Brookhart: Attention to assessment
LM-Susan Brookhart: Components of a balanced assessment system
LM-Susan Brookhart: Role group understandings or behaviors to improve assessment practices
LM-Susan Brookhart: Small steps that can improve assessment literacy in Michigan
LM-Susan Brookhart: Successful implementation strategy description
LM-Susan Brookhart: Helping students understand the value of feedback
LM-Susan Brookhart: Additional information Michigan should know about assessment

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