Overview of Assessment OF and Assessment FOR Learning – James W. Pellegrino

Assessment Learning Network, December 16, 2016

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This presentation will consider a set of critical issues related to understanding educational assessment and the potential it has to support (or hinder) teaching and learning. The first part of the presentation will consider the nature of educational assessment including the various contexts in which it is used, the purposes served including formative, summative and program evaluation functions, as well as how these functions can and should relate to each other. The second part of the presentation will consider issues related to federal law, college and career readiness standards, and the nature of high quality assessment. The focus will be on how policy mandates impact the nature of assessment practice and how this interacts with changing conceptions of what is to be assessed such as college and career readiness standards, and the criteria by which we should judge the quality of the assessments that are then put into practice. The third part of the presentation will consider the components of a balanced and comprehensive assessment system and how states and districts can move forward in the design and implementation of such systems.


Framing Questions

  1. What are the conceptions of assessment that most people you know, including policy makers, educators, parents, and the general public, have about educational assessment?
  2. To what extent do those conceptions help or hinder the process of designing and implementing high quality assessments as part of normal educational practice?
  3. What would it take for a state like Michigan to design and implement a coherent and balanced assessment system tied to college and career readiness standards? What are the opportunities as well as the barriers?
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Overview of Assessment OF and Assessment FOR Learning

Presenter: James W. Pellegrino

James W. Pellegrino is Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Professor of Education, and Co-director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research and development interests focus on children’s and adults’ thinking and learning and the implications for assessment and instructional practice. He has published over 300 books, chapters, and articles in the areas of cognition, instruction, and assessment and has chaired several National Academy of Sciences study Committees, including the Foundations of Assessment, Defining Deeper Learning and 21st Century Skills, and Developing Assessments of Science Proficiency in K-12.

Learning Moments

LM-James Pellegrino: Common conceptions about educational assessment
LM-James Pellegrino: How conceptions affect educational practice
LM-James Pellegrino: Balanced assessment system tied to college and career readiness standards
LM-James Pellegrino: What research says about different kinds of assessment practices
LM-James Pellegrino: Impact assessment best practices would have on student outcomes and learning
LM-James Pellegrino: Vision of a high quality educational system
LM-James Pellegrino: How one person can begin to lead the effort
LM-James Pellegrino: Message to the educational professionals of Michigan

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