2019 National Conference on Student Assessment

Sponsored by CCSSO since 1971, NCSA has been the trusted forum for assessment practitioners to learn and reflect upon current and emerging trends in education and educational assessments. Each year the conference draws around 1,000 attendees including federal, state, and district agencies, test publishers, educational consultants, university faculty, and organizations supporting technology, education, and business. The MAC enjoys the opportunity to present three 60 or 90-minutes symposiums.

For the 2019 CCSSO NCSA conference, the MAC is contributing to three symposiums. To read more about these symposiums, visit the following pages…

Developing an Assessment-Credentialing System for Educators – Terri Portice, Ellen Vorenkamp, Tara Kintz, Jim Gullen, Ed Roeber, Kathy Dewsbury-White

Collaborative Scoring of Constructed-Response and Performance Assessments by Local Educators – Ed Roeber, Heather Vaughan-Southard, Jeff Cuff, Stuart Kahl

An Innovative Model for Helping Local Educators Learn to Use Formative Assessment Practices – Kristy Walters, Ellen Vorenkamp, Tara Kintz, Margaret Heritage, Kim Young


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