2019 NCSA: An Innovative Model for Helping Local Educators Learn to Use Formative Assessment Practices

Several states engage educators to learn about formative assessment practices. These efforts include workshops, print and video resources, online learning opportunities, and websites. Michigan’s FAME program offers these resources, but it is different, It is based on the belief that significant change in professional practice requires several years of supported learning. No other state provides this long-term learning opportunity for teachers to improve their practice. New FAME learning teams (comprised of a coach and several teachers) begin each year. After attending a full-day Launching into Learning session, they meet regularly for the next three school years for collaborative inquiry about formative assessment practices. FAME work is supported by regional Leads; documents (e.g., FAME Learning Guide); public and secure FAME websites with substantial print and video resources to assist Coaches in conducting their Learning Team; and MDE- provided program direction, with research & development support provided by the MAC.

Presenter: Kristy Walters

Corunna Public Schools FAME Lead

Presenter: Ellen Vorenkamp

Wayne RESA Assessment Consultant

Presenter: Tara Kintz

Michigan Assessment Consortium Consultant

Presenter: Discussant: Margaret Heritage

Heritage Consulting Inc. Consultant

Presenter: Kim Young

Michigan Department of Education Formative Assessment Specialist

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