Standards-Based Learning, Assessing, Grading and Reporting

Moving beyond “standards-referenced” to seamless, aligned systems with Tom Schimmer

We know moving from a “traditional” grading system to one that is based on standards (and how students are achieving in relation to those standards) is not an easy task. A school system cannot simply take an old report card…change the letter to numbers (or fancy labels) and expect anything to change.  This session focuses on the necessity to create a system of teaching and learning based on standards that then develops into and aligns with the grading and reporting of those standards in a coherent, seamless manner. Featured presenter Tom Schimmer, author of Standards-based Learning in Action: Moving from Theory to Practice, highlights the process and actions necessary to make standards-based teaching and learning, assessing, grading and reporting seamless and a reality.

Framing Questions

  1. What is standards-based teaching and learning?
  2. What are the assessment practices and methods that support standards-based teaching and learning?
  3. What is the process and the actions necessary to align grading and reporting systems to standards-based teaching, learning, and assessing?
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Presenter: Tom Schimmer

Tom Schimmer is an education author, speaker, and consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). He is recognized as a leader and expert in the areas of classroom assessment, sound grading practices, educational leadership, and RTI. Tom has been an educator since 1991, serving as a teacher and as an administrator at the building and district levels. Since 2011, he has worked full-time as an author, speaker, and consultant. Tom is an experienced, sought-after presenter who has delivered both keynote and workshop sessions and major conferences, as well as for schools and/or school districts internationally. He is the author or co-author of 8 books, including the book "Standards-based Learning in Action: Moving from Theory to Practice."

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