MAC Reads 2020

How to Grade for Learning: Linking Grades to Standards - Webinar with Ken O'Connor

The Process:

Registration for MAC Reads is open to individuals as well as teams: district level, building level, or content level teams; or cross-district groups within a local ISD. Team leaders will set the schedule for meeting discussion, organize book orders, and secure a room for the webinar session with the author in September.

  • Individuals who register for the event will need to order their own book (see below) and are encouraged to use the study guide to provoke their thinking as they read the book. The link to the live webinar will be sent to the individual closer to the date session.
  • Teams can register as a group. Following registration, information will be provided to guide participants about how to order the book and where to find the study guide. A webinar link will be sent later and can be shared with  team leaders. The team leader will organize the ordering/distribution of the books and communicating with group members about meetings, discussions, and group participation in the live webinar with the author. The group leader will set up a space where the team will gather for viewing the webinar.

April 28th Webinar- Grading and Reporting in the Era of COVID-19

With featured presenter, Ken O’Connor, this webinar will support local districts and public school academies in serving students in accordance with their Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan. April 28th, 4:00-5:00pm

Register here:

MAC Reads Orientation Webinar- April 28th- 5:00-6:00pm

The MAC Reads Orientation webinar will immediately follow the Grading and Reporting in the Era of COVID-19 webinar on April 28th, for MAC Reads registered participants.

Connecting to the April 28th and September 24th Webinars:

  • The GoToMeeting URL will be sent to each registrant via email, about one week in advance.

Cost (including orientation, video conference, study guide, and follow up):

  • A $25 registration fee, per group or individual

About the BookHow to Grade for Learning: Linking Grades to Standards, Fourth Edition

Implement standards-based grading practices that help students succeed!

Classroom assessment and grading should help students grow and develop to their full potential, but meshing traditional grading practices with students’ achievement on standards has been difficult and daunting. Making real and lasting changes to grading practices requires both knowledge and willpower.

This 4th edition of the best-selling How to Grade for Learning provides eight guidelines for good grading, offers recommendations for practical applications, and gives solid suggestions for implementing more effective grading practices. Ken O’Connor presents the latest research on motivation, mindset, learning styles, and beliefs about fairness to inform this new edition, which includes:

  • Both the why’s and the how-to’s of implementing standards-based grading practices
  • 48 educator contributions from nationally and internationally known educators, authors, and consultants that provide ideas and testimonials for effective assessment practices
  • Sections on hot-button issues such as academic dishonesty, extra credit, bonus points and homework
  • Additional information on utilizing levels of proficiency and eliminating the use of percentages and averaging
  • Reflective exercises and numerous tools, including rubrics, sample letters, and case studies
  • Techniques for managing grading more efficiently

 An invaluable resource for helping teachers assign grades that are accurate, consistent, meaningful, and supportive of learning, this book also makes an ideal staff development resource.

Book Ordering and Downloading the Study Guide Outline:

  • The book can be purchased from Corwin at the following link:   How to Grade for Learning: Linking Grades to Standards, Fourth Edition  (individually or host lead will order for their team)
  • Teams will meet and set their process for reading the book and having face to face or online conversations around the book using the ASCD study, found at the ASCD website or by clicking on this link.  (Study Guide- Link coming soon!)
  • On Tuesday, April 28, 2020 teams and individual 2020 MAC Reads! participants from across the state will connect from 5:00 to 6:00 EST to participate in the virtual session for individual participants and site leaders of a book study group with the MAC PL Committee.
  • On Thursday, September 24, 2020 teams and individual 2020 MAC Reads! participants from across the state will connect from 4:00 to 5:00 EST to participate in the virtual session with the author, Ken O’Connor.

Presentation Video

MAC Reads 2020

Presentation Files

Presenter: Ken O'Connor

Ken O’Connor is an independent education consultant and author. He is regarded as an expert on grading and reporting. He has worked in 47 states in the USA and all provinces and two territories in Canada. His expertise is recognized internationally, having worked in 35 countries around the world. Ken has been a teacher, a department head, a curriculum coordinator, and a professional learning consultant working with educators across the globe. Ken is the author of How to Grade for Learning: K-12, Fourth Edition, Corwin, 201; Standards-Based Grading Quick Reference Guide, LSI, 2017; The School Leaders Guide to Grading, Solution Tree, 2013; A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades. Second Edition, Pearson, 2011; and Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades: A Repair Kit, Pearson, Toronto, 2012.

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