How Assessment Practice Can Develop Confidence in Learners

Assessment Learning Network with Rick Stiggins

Join us for this  in-person event that features Rick Stiggins, lunch, and networking.


This session explores the emotional dynamic of learner success and failure in the classroom and the impact of those dynamics on a child’s developing confidence or self-doubt. These dynamics shape our beliefs about ourselves as learners. This session explores how assessment practice and systems can either support learning and build confidence or inhibit and debilitate learning and learner confidence. 

Participants will receive a copy of Rick’s newest book, Give Our Students the Gift of Confidence (Corwin, 2023).

Framing Questions:

  1. How can assessment be used to enhance, not merely measure, student learning success?
  2. How can we use assessment to both measure and narrow achievement gaps?
  3. How can state and local policy help local school districts fulfill their missions of helping every student become a confident lifelong learner?
  4. How can parents partner with teachers and with their children to help every student become a confident lifelong learner?
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Presentation Video

Presentation Video

Presenter: Rick Stiggins

Rick Stiggins is the retired founder and president of the Assessment Training Institute in Portland, Oregon, a professional development firm helping educators face the challenges of day-to-day classroom assessment in the context of truly balanced assessment systems. He has authored numerous articles, books and training videos on sound classroom assessment, assessment for learning and balanced assessment systems. Rick earned a doctoral degree in education measurement from Michigan State University. He began his assessment work on the faculty of Michigan State before becoming a member of the faculty of educational foundations at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. In addition, he has served as director of test development for the ACT, Iowa City, IA; as a visiting scholar at Stanford University; as a Libra Scholar, University of Southern Maine; as director of the Centers for Classroom Assessment and Performance Assessment at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, Or; and as a member of the faculty of Lewis and Clark College, Portland.

Learning Moments

How assessment can enhance, not merely measure, student learning success
How assessment can measure and narrow achievement gaps
How policymakers can contribute to confident, lifelong learners
How families can partner with teachers to nurture confident learners
Importance of compassion PLUS high expectations

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