Four Assessment Capabilities: What they are and why our children would want their teachers to have them

Assessment Learning Network, January 18, 2021

If our skillful use of assessment is the lever to support all children to become capable learners, then what are the assessment capabilities our practicing teachers must have from day one? Research colleagues, Jill Willis, Bronwen Cowie, Christine Harris, and Chris DeLuca are interrogating the approaches to assessment capability in four countries—Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, United Kingdom— from the perspective of preservice teachers. They have identified how each country both differs and is similar in policy; they also have described four assessment capabilities they think are important. This special ALN session will feature an introspective look at the differences in assessment cultures across four countries to propose four shared assessment capabilities worth developing among our teachers.  

Questions Framing this Session 

  1. What are the differences and similarities in assessment cultures across the four countries contributing to the study? 
  1. What does research suggest related to the assessment capabilities teachers need for effective practice? 
  1. What are the implications for institutions providing preservice preparation and in-service professional learning? 

Presenter: Jill Willis

Presenter: Bronwen Cowie

Presenter: Christine Harrison

Presenter: Chris DeLuca

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