Choreographing Connections with SEL: Assessment and the Arts Reveals a Path to Developing Capable Learners

Assessment Learning Network, November 9, 2021

How might we better understand the intersection of social-emotional learning and assessment practices and approaches designed to support learning? How might this knowledge contribute to a student’s ability to become a capable learner? This ALN session will explore some of what the Michigan Assessment Consortium has discovered in its quest to answer these questions through investigations in the context of the arts.  

Eighteen months of pandemic learning has heightened our awareness of social emotional learning and well-being. The learning disruptions we’ve experienced have exacerbated existing inequities in society and at school. The arts reinforce the importance of the Whole Child approach to education and have provided immediate, important, and authentic connections and illustrations for teaching and assessing in ways that explicitly address the five core competencies of SEL. 

Questions Framing this Session 

  1. How does engagement with the creative process and the disciplinary demands of the arts intersect with the five core competencies of SEL 
  1. What are the assessment practices and approaches that support development of capable learners – in the arts and other disciplines? 
  1. How can we use assessment in a culturally responsive manner to support the social-emotional development of learners? 

Presenter: Heather Vaughan-Southard

Presenter: Nafeesah Symonette

Presenter: Ed Roeber

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