Selecting Assessments

Are there criteria that help districts or teachers select assessments?

The most important criteria to use when selecting or building an assessment is identifying the purpose of the assessment. When we build or select assessments we want to employ evidence centered design.

When evidence shows that a test measures what it was built to measure, then we say the test has validity for that intended use.  Whether developing or selecting an assessment we want to be able to say evidence exists to support each specific purpose and use.

There are additional criteria to use that aid in the selection process of assessments; tests should have specific features or characteristics depending on the identified purpose and use of the assessment.

You can learn more through the Assessment Learning Module Selecting Appropriate Assessments.


Assessment Learning Modules

Six Selection Criteria Checklist

This checklist provides a series of questions aligned to each of the six criteria for selecting appropriate assessments.  It is designed to be applied to a single assessment or assessment program.

Criteria Assessment Checklist

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CCSSO Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High-Quality Assessments

This paper describes the procedures for purchasing high quality student assessments.

Decision Making Matrix

Tool guides weighing and ranking options based on criteria related to assessment purpose to aide in selection of assessments.

Selecting a Commercially Available Assessment- Rubric

Sample rubric highlights: purpose, alignment to content and item rigor, reports and administration

Start with purpose when choosing assessments

This Learning Point describes the basic steps in choosing an assessment for use in schools. 

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