Developing Quality Classroom Summative Assessments

Developing high-quality classroom assessments demands careful planning and deliberate effort. This four-day professional learning series is designed to delve into the complexities of designing impactful, precise classroom summative assessments.
Participants will be exposed high-level content based on Rick Stiggins, Jan Chappuis and Steve Chappuis’ 5 Keys to Quality Classroom Assessment, and engage in an interactive, comprehensive process, that will enable them to develop robust tools for gathering reliable evidence, featuring high-quality items to thoroughly evaluate student learning.
This series shines a light on the critical importance of thoughtful design, development, and implementation in crafting effective classroom summative assessments that truly measure student achievement.

Series Outcomes:

  • Deepen participant understanding of Balanced Assessment Systems to include Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning.
  • Enhance participant understanding and ability to design and/or refine summative assessments that are both accurate and effective through the use of a test blueprint.
  • Improve participant understanding of the “art and science” of quality item selection and/or development.
  • Increase participant confidence in their ability to implement assessments effectively, including administration, accommodations, and analysis of assessment results.
  • Enhance participant abilities to communicate assessment results clearly and transparently, making them accessible and comprehensible to students, parents, and other stakeholders, thereby clarifying and simplifying the assessment process.
  • Promote participant awareness of the need for student voice and choice as well as strategies available to increase them in the assessment process.
  • Collaborate and network with colleagues, fostering a community of practice focused on continuous improvement in assessment strategies.
  • Deepen the assessment literacy of participants.

Cost: 500.00 per person
Fee includes participation, all session materials, and lunch for all series sessions

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