2019 NCME Conference on Classroom Assessment

This year, the conference will focus on establishing a learning-focused agenda for classroom assessments involving disciplinary experts, educational practitioners, policymakers and researchers. Our theme, “Classroom Assessment as a Learning Experience,” reflects the focus of this agenda on the importance of embedding classroom assessments in curriculum and instruction. During this conference, perspectives on the means by which this integration between assessment, curriculum and instruction can take place in the disciplines to foster meaningful learning experiences for both students and teachers will be shared and explored.

For the 2019 NCME Conference on Classroom Assessment, the MAC is holding two breakout sessions. To read more about these sessions, visit the following pages…

An Innovative Model to Assist Local Educators to Learn to Use Formative Assessment Practices – Ellen Vorenkamp, Kristy Walters, Tara Kintz, Margaret Heritage

Using Performance Assessment to Demonstrate Educators’ Effectiveness – Edward Roeber, Heather Vaughn-Southard, Kathy Dewsbury-White

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