2019 Assessment Literacy Institute: Improving Practice & Systems

The MAC introduces our first – Assessment Literacy Institute, a powerful professional learning offering designed to equip consultants, administrators and teacher-leaders who have responsibility to work with colleagues to improve assessment practice and systems.

The Institute…
• Builds on the MAC’s Assessment Literacy Standards
• Draws from the quality materials and resources the MAC has collected and developed to support deepening assessment literacy
• Features assessment experts who will model the use of resources and materials, engaging participants and equipping them to work with colleagues
• Provides a network of individuals with similar job demands to continue to learn and grow with through the 2019-20 academic year

Outcomes for the Assessment Literacy Institute…
• Obtain information from Essential Questions that would permit the participant to share their learning with others.
• Understand the role and importance of assessment literate practice and quality, balanced assessment systems.
• Cultivate the belief that assessment literate practice and quality assessment systems will result in increased student success.

The materials, resources and modeled presentations are designed to assist educators who have responsibility working with colleagues, and to answer these essential questions…
• How do I/students gather quality evidence to determine where my students are at and where they need to go next? (how do I know what grade level evidence is on)?
• How and when do I/students use the evidence to move student learning forward?
• Which evidence am I gathering that is used to document teacher performance and how do I use this evidence responsibly/appropriately?
• Which evidence should I use to inform changes to curriculum?
• How do I implement and sustain quality assessment practice within an education system?

The Commitment…
• Participants attend a three-day, 21-hour intensive in mid-Michigan August 6, 7, 8 2019; engaging with presenters, using facilitation guides and protocols to plan & adapt material to meet the needs of assessment work they anticipate engaging in during the 2019-20 academic year.
• Contribute to an evaluation of the Institute
• Share case stories related to use of the materials and resources, modifications, adaptations during the 2019-20 academic years. (Required for scholarship participants, encouraged for all.)

Benefits for AL Institute Participants…
• Credit options (SCECH’s 18 pending, college credit/pending)
• Access to a network of Assessment Facilitators
• Support from assessment experts and the use of materials and
resources tailored to support improvements to assessment practice and pursuit of effective assessment systems.
• Access to select Assessment Learning Modules – at no additional cost – for the 2019-20 academic year

The Cost…
The cost of the Institute is $325.00, which includes expert facilitation, AL Institute materials, access to select Assessment Learning Modules, SCECH credit, am coffee/snack, and light lunch, all 3 days.

Lodging for participants will be available, at additional cost, with a facilitated block room rate.

Substantial Scholarships will be provided for up to 15 participants completing an application and submitting by March 1, 2019 (value $275.00).

To Apply for Scholarship: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WV7VL3C

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