Michigan's Model Arts Education Instruction and Assessment Projectin development by the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC)and Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) for the Michigan Department of Education (MDE)

The Michigan Arts Education Instruction and Assessment (MAEIA) Program will develop an Arts Education Instructional Blueprint for dance, theater, music and the visual arts, an Audit Tool for districts to use in assessing the quality of their arts education instructional program, and assessment specifications and prototypes that will guide the future development of student assessments in the arts. The purposes of the Arts Education Instructional Blueprint, Audit Tool, and prototype assessments are to support educators and the public in implementing a high quality arts education program and to improve instructional offerings in the four arts disciplines of dance, music, theater, and visual arts. The use of these resources by educators is voluntary.

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Michigan Blueprint of a Quality Atrs Education Program: Research and Recommendations - December 2013


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