MiASCD Presents Collaborative Inquiry

As the diversity of Michigan’s school-aged students grows at an unprecedented rate, teachers are held accountable for all students reaching the highest levels of achievement. Teachers need to find new solutions to challenge academic and social-emotional issues. To find solutions to these issues, educators must engage in collaborative professional learning. But, for many, professional development has been viewed as an “empty exercise in compliance, one that falls short of its objectives and rarely improves practice” (Calvert, 2016). Adaptive challenges require collaborative exploration, discovery, reflection, and innovation.

A growing body of research indicates that teachers learn best when they collaboratively study problems of practice relevant to their work. Collaborative inquiry unleashes the resourcefulness and creativity of educators to continuously improve instruction so all students reach standards of excellence. It situates professional learning in iterative cycles of shared data analysis, practice, dialogue and reflection around one’s own practice (Problems of Practice). As an active participant, you’ll build your capacity to design, facilitate and evaluate collaborative inquiry in schools and districts by inquiring into your own problem of practice.

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