2018 NCSA Conference Resource

Presentations & Handouts Sessions

ALN Executive Summary

ALN Presentation

Developing Assessment Literacy Learning for Students and Their Families, Educators and Policymakers (5250)

Presenters —  Margaret Heritage, National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing, UCLA; Marianne Perie, CAARD, University of Kansas; James W. Pellegrino, University of Illinois;  Kathy Dewsbury-White, Michigan Assessment Consortium; Jim Gullen, Michigan Assessment Consortium

Discussant — Andy Middlestead, Michigan Department of Education

Credentialing Executive Summary

Credentialing Presentation

Developing an Assessment Credentialing System for Educators (5429)

Presenters – Lisa Lockman, Wexford-Missaukee (MI) ISD; Terri Portice, Reeths-Puffer (MI) Schools; Ellen Vorenkamp, Wayne (MI) RESA

Moderator and Discussant – Kathy Dewsbury-White, Michigan Assessment Consortium

DEE Executive Summary

DEE Presentation

Using Performance Assessment to Demonstrate Educators’ Effectiveness (5252)

Presenters – Heather Vaughan-Southard, Michigan Assessment Consortium, Edward Roeber, Michigan Assessment Consortium

Discussant – Stuart Kahl, Measured Progress

CSS Executive Summary

CSS Presentation

Collaborative Scoring of Constructed-Response and Performance Assessments by Local Educators (5253)


Presenters – Edward Roeber, Michigan Assessment Consortium, Heather Vaughan-Southard, Michigan Assessment Consortium, Sharon Oberleitner, Behavior Imaging Systems

Discussant – Stuart Kahl, Measured Progress

Balanced Assessment Executive Summary

Balanced Assessment Presentation 

Toolkit (scroll down on linked page to "DASD Toolkit")

Helping Districts Design Balanced Assessment Systems (5254)

Moderator – Kathy Dewsbury-White, Michigan Assessment Consortium

Presenters – Joseph Martineau, Center for Assessment, Steven Snead, Oakland Schools, Ellen Vorenkamp, Wayne RESA

Discussant – Kathy Dewsbury-White, Michigan Assessment Consortium

Monograph: Formative Assessment for Students with Disabilities

Formative Assessment in Action: Highlighting Best Practices Including Students with Disabilities...and Those with Significant Support Needs (5520)

Moderator:  Sandra Warren

Presenters:  Margaret Heritage, Consultant; Sheryl Lazarus, NCEO; Edward Roeber, MAC; Sandra Warren, SCASS ASES Advisor


Using the ACT or the SAT in Lieu of Statewide High School Assessments: A Comprehensive Study of the Issues (5429)

Moderator :  Vince Verges, FDOE

Presenters:  Norman Webb, WCEPS; Marianne Perie, CAARD; Martha Thurlow, NCEO; Edward Roeber/John Olsen, ASG 


Pre-Session:  CCSSO NCSA Newcomer Session (5255)

       Presenter: Edward Roeber & Edynn Sato


Jun 2018